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6 Content Marketing Strategies that Win Customers

Having to compete with thousands who offer the same product or service as you, you’ve got to up the ante so that your target market will ultimately consider you as the only reasonable choice. But how do you prepare your plan of action? What makes a winning content marketing strategy?

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How to Optimise an SEO-Friendly Blog

Do you want to improve your ranking in Google using your writing skills? If you want to create a good blogpost that scores highly in terms of search engine optimisation or SEO, the words or phrases you would like your website to rank for should be in very strategic places. Using keywords repeatedly can damage the readability of the text, so our advice to you is to not do this at all.

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Tips to increase your brand’s engagement on social media

Your reader’s newsfeed gets bombarded with news and various posts, but have you ever wondered how great content marketers make people stop scrolling, read, and start a conversation? Yes, these savvy content producers have mastered the art of engaging with their audience.

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NEO 360’s Digital Marketing Magic 5

Each month, NEO360 takes a look back at the digital marketing month that has been—we pick out five headline-makers to help keep you in the know, and on your digital marketing toes. A recent report on digital trends says that more than 3 out of 4 Singaporeans use social media on the go…

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