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The NEO360 way

Making Sure Your Brand Engages
Every Step Of The Way

The typical customer today has become more sophisticated than ever. Gone are the days where a one-time exposure of your brand, product or service can lead to a sale.

That’s why at NEO360, we make sure that YOU are the solution your customers come across at each stage of their buying journey.

Being On One or Two Channels is Not Enough
You may think you just need to be ranked number 1 on Google. Or you could have heard that social media especially Facebook is the way to go these days. You could even have come across a report that says you’d better have a mobile website if you want to be seen.

While each of these may have its own merit, relying on just one (or even two) of these avenues is akin to building a skyscraper atop a single pillar.

“Give them what they want”
Without having to reinvent the wheel, we can be at the right time, right place simply by engaging our customers at each stage of their natural buying journey.

Step 1:

They’ve got a problem –
Display Advertising

This is where you show up. Display ads showcase your brand, your banner, your message to potential customers who have problems that your product/service can solve.

Building brand awareness and securing mindshare starts here.

This first step is critical in establishing your brand as the go-to solution provider whenever your customers think about their problems.

Step 2:

They start looking for a solution –
Social Media

Invariably, your customers then look for feedback, reviews and discussions that are going on about what options are available to them.

Social media is your perfect avenue to interact directly with them, nail that first impression, and let the power of social proof do its magic.

Step 3:

They hunt you down –
Search Engine Optimization and Marketing

As they are about to take their next step, they start looking up your company name, your brand and your product on the search engines.

And believe it, your website had better be “found” easily. Your customers are most likely doing comparison shopping at this stage, so it’s your best chance to tell them why YOU are the solution they’ve been looking for.

Step 4:

Time to wow them –
Automation and Analytics

After your customers land on your site, a well thought out, automated follow up process to stay connected with them, get their questions answered and ultimately sealing the deal is key.

After all is said and done, we look at the entire process, analyse what worked and what didn’t, and fine tune your sales funnel into a non-stop revenue generating machine.

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