Digital Marketing Agency vs. Freelancer: Which is Right for You?
Author: Shei Wah, TAN

Choosing between hiring a digital marketing agency in Singapore and a freelancer — and attempting to do your digital marketing in-house — is potentially a make-or-break choice.

Digital marketing agencies typically offer a broad range of services and a team of experts although they might come at a relatively higher cost. On the other hand, freelance digital marketers can provide specialised skills at a lower price, if you’re thinking of doing your own marketing in-house. Problem is, not one freelancer can handle the breadth of tasks an agency usually does. You could end up hiring multiple freelancers — a copywriter, an artist, an SEO person…you get the picture.

Too often, we think the right choice depends on our budget, but that’s shortsighted as there are many benefits of hiring a digital marketing agency. Working with an agency might be better if you require a comprehensive digital marketing solution. An agency’s expertise can provide you with the strategic edge, advanced tools, and seasoned experience to drive your business. Simply put, it’s an investment that gives your brand a fighting chance against the hordes of competition.

Agency vs. Freelancer: A Comparative Analysis

Agency vs. Freelancer: A Comparative Analysis

Freelancer Costs in Singapore: Sustainable or Not?

In Singapore, businesses thinking about hiring freelancers for digital marketing should tread carefully.  While it’s true that local freelancers offer specialised skills at lower cost, overly depending on them might not be sustainable for the long term.

The cost to hire a digital marketing freelancer in Singapore can differ a lot. It largely depends on their experience, the goals of the project, skills needed (like SEO or content writing), and the timeline. As of 2021, here’s what Singapore freelancers might charge:

  • Entry level: SGD 25 to SGD 50/hr
  • Intermediate: SGD 50 to SGD 100/hr
  • Experts: SGD 100 to SGD 200+/hr.

Relying solely on freelancers for your digital marketing campaigns could pose challenges such as:

  • Limited Capacity: Freelancers have a cap on simultaneous projects
  • Lack of Diversified Skills: They might not provide varied expertise
  • Backup Issues: No backup during personal emergencies
  • Inconsistency: Multiple freelancers might disrupt brand coherence
  • Long-Term Engagement Issues: If they become unavailable
  • Costs Can Add Up: Multiple freelancers might end up costing more

Who Should Consider a Digital Marketing Agency?

So, who benefits most from hiring a digital marketing agency? The short answer is, any business or organisation that needs a boost in online presence and some help in effectively engaging its audience — ultimately improving margins and the bottomline.

What A Digital Marketing Agency In Singapore Can Do For Clients Across Industries

What A Digital Marketing Agency In Singapore Can Do<br />
For Clients Across Industries

Signing up an agency to run your digital marketing campaigns can have direct benefits to your ROI and potentially improve your bottom line. In itself, digital marketing offers cost-effective strategies that level the playing field, even for small and medium businesses. It can be more targeted, measurable, and adaptable to changing market conditions. 

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