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Digital Marketing Magic 5

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There’s just so much to do focusing on your own business that there’s hardly any time for taking a look at the bigger picture. Yet, this look is essential to making sure your marketing comms continue to head in the right direction. NEO360’s got a quick look for you at five of the past month’s highlights in digital marketing.

  1. Mobile gaming is on the rise throughout the Asia Pacific, according to figures from eMarketer and AppsFlyer.

  1. Most marketers understand the value of marketing tech, but few of them think that they’re using it effectively enough.

  1. Alibaba will be offering digital e-commerce courses through its business college in Singapore.

  1. Discriminatory ads still manage to find their way into Facebook.

  1. Programmatic is on its way to making up two-thirds of the world’s digital display market by 2019.

How do these developments affect your own marketing communications? Is your business ready to respond? Let NEO360 help you stay in step with the times to get your message across in the most effective ways, today.


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