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Digital Marketing Magic 5

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Given how quickly trends change in digital marketing, today’s must-see, must-do might be yesterday’s been there, done that. Here are five of this month’s marketing rainmakers to help keep you up to speed.

  1. Adweek releases its list of social media marketing trends to watch heading into next year.

  1. More than 600 marketing minds discuss the latest marketing tech innovations at the LEAD 2017conference in Singapore.

  1. Singaporeans who want to switch to a career in digital marketing can get help from the Professional Conversion Programme(PCP) for digital advertising professionals.

  1. The New York Times is establishing itself in Singapore to serve Southeast Asian markets.

  1. The Forbes Agency Council says digital marketing is the future of customer support.

Knowing that there are innovations and opportunities that your business might need to look into is only half the battle. Get in touch with us at NEO360 to find out how you can make the most of the trends in these headline stories now.


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