Looking to boost your lead generation campaign in Singapore?

Start generating quality leads with three digital marketing channels our team has tested and strongly recommends. These aren’t just tools; they’re game-changers, as you’ll see in the successful results we’ve achieved for our medical and education clients in Singapore.🚀

Whether you’re a medical director in search of an agency to boost appointment bookings, a marketing manager aiming to maximise ROI for your upcoming course intake campaign, or simply a curious reader, this blog post is for you.

1. SEO for Lead Generation

We consulted our SEO team lead to gather insights into the effectiveness of search engine optimisation (SEO) for lead generation, focusing on a medical client in Singapore.

Why is SEO the undisputed champion 🥇 in lead generation? Let’s explore together.

Setting the stage: We’ve been collaborating closely with a medical client throughout the year. In the healthcare industry, trust is paramount. The modern patient seeks authentic, trustworthy information. And where do most of us turn to for reliable answers? Google, unsurprisingly.

📊 Here’s an eye-opener: A remarkable 62% of our client’s traffic this year came from organic search. No reliance on paid ads or direct visits, just the sheer power of SEO. Impressive, isn’t it? 🤯

You might be thinking, “Does this traffic convert into tangible leads?”

Hold onto your hats 🎩: A staggering 53% of the site’s organic traffic converted into email inquiries! Picture this: For every two visitors, one reached out, either seeking more information or scheduling a consultation with our doctor. Now that’s lead generation!

So, what makes SEO a game-changer? Here’s the breakdown from our experts:

Intent is King: When users search in Google, they have a purpose. They aren’t aimlessly scrolling, getting distracted by the next meme like they do on social media. They’re on a quest for answers!

The Trust Quotient: Search engines are gatekeepers of digital trust. A site that ranks at the top? That’s the web’s thumbs-up as far as your area of expertise is concerned.

Cost-Effective: Once you secure a spot on Google’s first page for the “money keyword,” you have the flexibility to reduce your search engine marketing (SEM) budget or explore new keywords to bid on.

What exactly is the “money keyword”? In every SEO campaign, there’s one keyword on our client’s website for which we aim to rank. Achieving a first-page ranking for this keyword ensures a consistent inflow of traffic and leads, signalling that we’ve met our goal.

At NEO360, we’re proud of our strong SEO track record. However, we also emphasise the importance of a comprehensive 360° digital marketing strategy. Each customer has a unique journey. Our goal is to engage them across various platforms and stages, ensuring they access the information they’re seeking, whether they’re actively searching or getting ready to book an appointment with our doctors.

2. Google Ads for Lead Generation

While we find most success in generating quality leads for our medical clients using a tailored SEO strategy, our education clients are getting leads quicker from Google Ads campaigns.

In the last quarter of 2022, we launched a campaign for a higher education client in Singapore. Our campaign goal was to increase both the number of applications for their post-graduate programmes and webinar registrations. For this initiative, we leveraged the power of the Google Ads platform! 🚀

Here’s why our paid media team was so excited:

📌 6 Months of Pure Action: We initiated a Google Ads campaign that ran for just six months. And I’m not talking about setting it up and forgetting about it. The campaign required consistent tweaking and optimising based on real-time data.

📌 Webinar Buzz: We generated a 926 webinar registrations! 😱 Can you imagine the engagement? We regarded high quality leads as potential students genuinely interested in furthering their education. These are numbers that organic methods would struggle to achieve in such a short timeframe.

📌 Application Surge: Now, hold on to your hats! We also had a mind-blowing 691 students apply for post-graduate programmes. Just let that sink in. Nearly 700 eager students were ready to elevate their education and we reached them at the right time – when they were actually looking for courses.
So why am I sharing this?

🌟 Quick and Quality Leads: We’ve always known the potential of Google Ads, but this campaign just reaffirmed our belief: If you’re aiming to get quality leads FAST, especially in the education sector, Google Ads is your best bet. It puts you right in front of folks actively searching for what you’re offering.

🌟 Targeting is Everything: Google Ads enables us to hyper-target our client’s audience. It’s like shooting fish in a barrel. For our education clients, this means reaching out to people who are hungry for knowledge, want to elevate their careers, and are looking for reputable institutions.

🌟 Flexibility and Control: The beauty of Google Ads lies in its flexibility. We constantly analysed, tweaked, and optimised our ads. This meant that our campaign was always evolving, adapting to the needs of our audience, and performing at its peak.

Can other platforms and methods generate leads? Without a doubt. However, if you’re seeking the quickest route to high-quality leads, especially in the education sector, our team would bet on Google Ads any day of the week. That said, running ads on Google is becoming pricier for some of our clients. As a result, our team is always exploring effective methods to generate leads at a lower cost.

In addition to running Google Ads campaigns, we’ve also experienced success in generating leads through Meta Ads.

3. Meta Ads for Lead Generation

We’ve recently concluded our semi-annual review of our Meta Ads campaign, and the outcomes are nothing short of remarkable! 🔥 If you’ve ever had reservations about the capability of Meta Ads to generate leads, continue reading as we unpack the specifics for you.

Let’s start with this number: 24,799. Over the course of our campaign, we generated a whopping 24,799 leads using Meta Ads for our esteemed client in the education sector. Our team has been managing their Meta ad campaign since 2019.

Impressive, isn’t it? But here’s the catch – that number didn’t materialise overnight. It’s the culmination of consistent efforts, tweaks, and optimisation, averaging around 688 leads every single month.

Now, I’m sure many of you are thinking, “That’s fantastic, but leads can be expensive, right?” And generally, you’d be on point. But here’s the kicker: these weren’t just any leads. They were quality leads. And the price? Drum roll, please… 🥁 An astonishing $11.64 per lead!

In the world of digital marketing, this is a steal. Especially when you consider the massive value that each lead brings to our client.

Why is Meta Ads proving to be such a cost-effective powerhouse for generating quality leads?

Hyper-targeted Advertising: Meta Ads allow us to tap into detailed demographics, ensuring we reach individuals who are genuinely interested in higher education opportunities in Singapore. We’re not just throwing ads into the digital void; we’re strategically placing them in front of the eyes that matter.

Engagement Metrics: The Meta platform provides an unparalleled view of how our ads are performing in real-time. This means that we can optimise on-the-fly, ensuring we’re getting the best bang for our buck and improving our lead quality every step of the way.

Visual Storytelling: Let’s face it, the education sector has some incredible tales to tell. From success stories to unique learning experiences, Meta Ads offers a canvas where we can bring these narratives to life, engaging prospective students like never before.

The success of this campaign is a testament to team effort. Strategy, content, and execution have all played pivotal roles in achieving results. Kudos to our team for their unwavering dedication and continuous innovation. 👏 A special thanks to our client who trusted us with this approach. It’s collaborations like these that pave the way for breakthroughs in the digital marketing realm.

So, what’s the key takeaway? If you’re in the education sector—or any industry looking to engage a laser-focused audience—don’t underestimate Meta Ads. They might just be your avenue to a surge of high-quality leads without denting your budget.

🚀 Boost Your Leads in Singapore!

We’ve revealed the strategies that delivered impressive results for our medical and education clients in Singapore. Now, it’s your turn to test! Start generating quality leads with strategies that truly work.

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