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NEO360’s Digital Marketing Magic 5

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Change is the only constant in life—and in digital marketing. Check out this month’s Digital Marketing Magic 5 for updates from the past month that could very well make a difference to your own marketing efforts.

  1. Snapchat offers World Lenses, a fun augmented reality feature which could soon be made available to advertisers.

  1. Instagram rules the roost of influencer marketing, with 99.3% of influencers calling it a great place to connect with community and brands.

  1. Pixels on Facebook are getting an upgrade which passes a page’s click data and metadata right back to Facebook.

  1. Desktop and mobile ad revenue surpasses TV for the first time.

  1. Advertisers, agencies and publishers say they want more choices for serving up digital video advertising.

Your business can’t afford to be left behind by changes like these—need a hand to keep up? Our digital marketing masters will be more than happy to help. LISTEN, REACH and ENGAGE with NEO360 now.


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