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NEO360’s Digital Marketing Magic 5

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Staying ahead means staying in the know. Before you find yourself having to catch up with the competition, catch up with this month’s Digital Marketing Magic 5.

  1. The Facebook success story continues, with the rollout of Facebook Stories.

  1. More and more businesses are quickly coming to realise that there aren’t enough digital marketers and content curators to go around.

  1. CRM and PPC managers, as well as UX designers and web analysts rank among digital marketing’s “most wanted”.

  1. Business leaders in Singapore say they want to go digital to better serve customers.

  1. Jakarta, Tokyo, Shanghai, Manila, and Beijing are the among the world’s top ten cities projected to become major growth drivers of global ad spend up to 2019.

With our highly qualified and experienced team of digital marketing pro’s, we’re primed and ready to help your business meet the coming challenges of an ever-changing digital marketing industry.

Get in touch with us at NEO360 for leading-edge ways to LISTEN, REACH and ENGAGE your customers today.


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