Know who you are, and let customers discover you.

Build real relationships that last.

If you want your business to enjoy continuous, exponential growth for the long term, having a product or service of impeccable quality just isn’t enough.

While it’s true you need to constantly improve your product or service quality, it’s just as imperative, if not more, to keep on building your brand.

In this fast changing world, it is vital to evolve and create a strong brand.

But what does that mean, exactly?

Building your brand is all about knowing why you offer that product or provide that service. That why affects what you do, and how you do it.

In so doing, you discover your brand identity, and you determine how you want to position your brand in your particular industry.

In this fast changing world, it is vital to evolve and create a strong brand.

But what does that mean, exactly?

Building your brand is all about knowing why you offer that product or provide that service. That why affects what you do, and how you do it.

In so doing, you discover your brand identity, and you determine how you want to position your brand in your particular industry.

How do your customers see you?

Once you have your brand identity and brand positioning in place, think about how you want your customers—whether they’re already your customers or not—to see or relate to you in terms of the quality of what you provide.

More often than not, the perceived value of your product or service offering can be far more powerful than its actual quality.

Your customers’ perception of this value is affected by the voice of your brand. As Hubspot puts it, your brand voice is “the distinct and steady personality and style of your brand” expressed in what you say about it, how you say it. Your tagline is one way your customers will be able to recognise you through your voice.

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Building your brand means building trust and rapport with your target audience.

When your brand voice is steady, or consistent across all your communications, you strengthen the credibility of your brand, and the integrity of your business.

This means that your communications must be able to get the following brand attributes, which also affect your brand’s perceived value, across to your customers:


Quality of your product or service

Unity of your message

Culture of your business or organisation

How does NEO360 build your brand?

1. Our Branding Approach

We consider your branding in its entirety, and not just one or two aspects. Not just your logo or your tagline, for instance, but how they are used across platforms, campaigns and events—and how this usage affects the other aspects of your entire communications strategy.

2. Our Marketing Approach

Our very own 360 Approach to marketing considers how each and every digital marketing platform works with the others as part of a complete strategy. Not just search or social media, for instance, but how they work with display, content, and marketing automation.

3. Our Emphasis on Branding and Marketing Working Together

We consider Branding and Marketing not as two separate entities but two sides of a single, comprehensive communications strategy. Branding is nothing without Marketing to get it across to customers, while Marketing is nothing without what Branding has to say about your business.

4. Our Emphasis on Strategy, Creativity, Innovation and Evolution

A meticulously formulated strategy is the foundation of all Branding and Marketing efforts for your brand.

Creativity not only makes sure that your communications stand out, but meet your objectives, while Innovation not only makes the most of digital media’s capabilities but finds new powerful ways to leverage them.

We also make sure our strategies and execution are continually evolving, to keep your communications on the cutting edge of digital marketing developments.

5. Our Differentiation from Other Agencies

Where other agencies promise results and claim to be data driven, what makes us different is truly the way we demonstrate the results of your communications efforts to you, and how we make the most of the data at hand.

We are fully transparent in the regular reports we present to you which detail exactly where every cent of your digital marketing budget is going. We also make sure you retain complete ownership of your data.

6. Our Specialisation in Higher Education, Medical Healthcare, B2B and B2C Verticals

Over the course of ten years, we’ve been privileged to provide both Branding and Marketing services to a number of major players in the aforementioned segments.

Our particular familiarity with these industries gives you a decided edge in developing and disseminating your own communications. The Medical industry, for instance, has stringent advertising regulations in place, which require caution to be used alongside creativity.

7. Our Unwavering Commitment to Our Core Values. Transparency, Open Communication and Trust are our core values at NEO360, which pervade everything we do for your Branding and Marketing
You can count on us to execute nothing without a carefully crafted strategy backed by solid data which is readily accessible by you, and we take no significant steps without your prior knowledge or approval. These core values apply not just externally to you and to all of our clients, but internally or amongst everyone in the NEO360 family.
8. Our Steadfast Focus on Your Why, How, What, and When

With all the hustle and bustle of Branding and Marketing activity, it can be easy to lose sight of why your business is doing what it’s doing—in other words, to become sidetracked or off-tangent from your brand identity.

Count on us to remain loyal to what makes your brand unique in the eyes of your customers, and to deliver what your brand needs to grow, when it needs it.

9. Our Global Brand Highlight
Based in Singapore as we are, we’ve also had the privilege of being able to build brands beyond our borders, globally. As borderless as the internet has made the business world, we’ll be able to help you with your Branding and Marketing needs no matter where you are on the globe, or wherever you want to expand your global business.
10. Our Infrastructure and System

We are a proud HubSpot Partner Agency, which means that our 360 Marketing Engine is powered by the HubSpot Inbound Methodology. HubSpot is world-leading inbound marketing, sales and customer service software provider dedicated to helping businesses grow by helping its customers.

When you work with us, your Branding and Marketing takes full advantage of HubSpot’s resources and support system in addition to our own considerable internal capabilities.

We’re no less proud of our Google Partner Agency status, which means that your display and search campaigns receive individualised, real-time support from no less than No. 1 search engine in the world.

11. Our Team

Our Singapore-based and offshore teams are staffed by experienced and highly trained specialists in every facet of digital marketing. Our team members are both HubSpot and Google Ads-certified and are passionate about what they do.

This means that everyone from our directors to managers and our media planners, developers, writers and designers would be more than happy to help you with your Branding and Marketing needs, just as they’ve done for numerous other clients.

12. Our Culture of Trust and Fostering Fruitful Long Relationships

What really sets us apart from other agencies are the solid and fruitful working relationships we cultivate not just with our clients but amongst ourselves.

We’ve been particularly blessed, for instance, to have clients whose Branding and Marketing have been entrusted to us for some seven or more years running.

Long-term relationships are founded on trust, value, desired goals and outcomes. You can trust us to do our best for you the way we do for each other on the team. We’re driven this way not just because it’s our job, but because we’re friends in the best personal as well as professional sense. We make your business visions become reality and your dreams come true.

13. Our Partnership with You

You’re not just our client, or even “just” our friend. At NEO360, we consider you as our business partner, and your success is our success. Caring for your business and your growth comes naturally to us, which means we care for your Branding and Marketing the way we do our own. Work together, win together!

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Data Source: Stackla, 2019

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We bring the best of Owned, Shared, Earned and Paid media together in a 360 approach to marketing and communications.

You’ll be able to get your message across to the right people. You’ll hear what they have to say. And you can start meaningful conversations with them that can help grow your business.

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