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Choosing a university or a Higher Education institution is a major life decision, and as such is generally accompanied by careful deliberation and extensive research. And this research, today, is generally carried out online.

Search Univ

63% of students visit university / college websites

49% of students use Google


35% of students check out rank sites

33% of students find information on test prep sites

31% of students look on social media

Source: Carnegie Dartlet

Data from Google Trends also shows exactly what students are looking for, as popular, Higher Education-related searches include:


"undergraduate degree"


"postgraduate education"


"master of laws"


"master of engineering"


"singapore management university"


"national university"


"nanyang technological university"


"master of business"


"master of business administration"



Source: Google Trends

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Prospective students aren’t the only ones looking.

One of the particular challenges of Higher Education marketing is having to tailor-fit your messaging to multiple audiences.

Apart from potential students, your digital marketing activities must also address their parents, as well as current students, faculty and staff; alumni, university partners, and potential faculty members or donors.

While the viability of audiences such as current members of the student body, faculty or alumni may not be immediately apparent, they are invaluable as advocates to those who are considering enrolment at or partnering with your institution.

Understanding each audience and the role they play in marketing your university is crucial to the success of your digital marketing.

Courses and programmes aren’t the only things you’re marketing.

The complexity of Higher Education marketing can be overwhelming: a university comprises several departments, each with their respective degree programmes and short courses to promote, and which are often autonomous with their own marketing teams and agendas.

In dealing with each department’s individual deliverables, however, we must never lose sight of the institution’s overall branding, and how every ad, post, video, email or piece of content contributes to the institution’s public image.

And in building up that public image, it’s up to your digital marketing to zero in on what sets your higher education institution apart from the myriad others offering courses and programmes similar to yours. Having identified this, it’s up to 360 digital marketing to make sure this is communicated effectively to each of your target audiences.

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higher education customer decision journey

Source: McKinsey & Company

Reach all of your audiences, and all of your marketing goals.

360 digital marketing is a comprehensive method of making sure you reach your audience right where they are during every stage of their research process. You’ll be able to engage them whether they’re just getting to know you, would like to find out more, or are on the verge of choosing to enrol at, join, or support your institution.

Because of the varying needs and online habits of your different audiences, as well as the diversity of the courses and programmes you promote, 360 digital marketing becomes a must for adapting your communications accordingly.

Have all your digital marketing taken care of.

Display Ads like banner ads on different websites make students aware of your institution and its course offerings.

Social Media Ads on different platforms give students a chance to engage with you, and to ask friends or family what they think of your programmes.


Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) make sure students find you when they look for more information about you on your website.

Marketing Automation gives you second chances for convincing potential students to choose you, and ways for strengthening your relationship with your current students.

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