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Growing your business comes with growing pains

He left his swanky corporate job to start the business he’s always wanted.
She’s fresh out of med school and can’t wait to get her practice up and running.

But marketing wasn’t exactly what he did back at that corner office.
And she didn’t have a whole lot of opportunities to study Facebook ads during her internship.

What do you suppose happened then?

They had to run the business.

They had to grow it at the same time.

And the more they struggled with managing and marketing their business simultaneously, the bigger their headache became.

Take the pain out of your marketing the Inbound way with HubSpot

Inbound Marketing makes growing your business so much easier, by making customers want to go and find you, instead of you going out to find them.

HubSpot is one of world’s leading Inbound Marketing platform providers. You’ll have everything you need for Inbound Marketing in just one place when you use HubSpot for your business:

You can easily create and run ads.

You can be found faster by customers looking for you online.

You can automate many of your marketing tasks.

You can monitor your entire sales pipeline at a glance.

You can make more sense and use of your complex marketing data.


You can even customise the platform to suit your unique business needs.

Make your Inbound Marketing as painless as possible
with a HubSpot Partner Agency.

You’ll get the most out of HubSpot when you work with a HubSpot Partner Agency, which is specially chosen, trained, and certified in using the platform for growing your business—whether it’s a business like his, or a practice like hers.

Which means that as a HubSpot Partner Agency, NEO360 can help you get optimal results from your Inbound Marketing, by taking care of your


Content Publishing

Your content will help your customers right when they need it

Performance Tracking

You’ll be up to date on how well your content and ads are doing

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Your customers will find it easy to find you online

Social Media

Your customers will find it easy to engage with you online

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Your leads will be nurtured and your customers stay loyal

Ad Campaigns

Your ads will be effective as well as easy to create, run and monitor

Email Marketing

You’ll be able to reach your customers and keep them engaged

Marketing Automation

You’ll have more time for taking care of business

Why should he leave his Inbound Marketing to NEO360? Why should she?

Simple. Because we’ve been practising Inbound Marketing at NEO360 long before we became a HubSpot Partner Agency.

Since our very own 360 Approach to Digital Marketing revolves around Inbound, you’ll be able benefit from our years of experience with medical practices like hers, and businesses like his.

Our experience with Inbound Marketing amplifies your Inbound efforts when you use HubSpot, which you can see in the way we use HubSpot here at NEO360, and how we used it for one of our B2B clients offering financial services.

Case Study 1: 360 Inbound for a Full Service Agency

Business owners like you (as well as him and her) might find it reassuring to know that the Inbound Marketing methods we use for our clients on HubSpot, are the self-same methods we use for NEO360’s own HubSpot marketing.

Creation and Update of Buyer Personas


Content Audit, Topic Cluster Planning and Pillar Page Creation

Contact Segmentation and Management

Creation of Chat Flows and Live Chat

Marketing Assets Integration

Ad Campaigns and Email Marketing

Lead Capture

Calendar Integration in Operations

Marketing Automation

Since we’ve started using the HubSpot platform for our in-house marketing, we’ve been able to increase our visibility by 0.18% to achieve 0.41% visibility in Google searches.

We’ve also been able to get more enquiries from potential clients, including major multinationals.

Case Study 2: Campaigns, Content, Contacts & Conversations

For this particular client, which offers financial services for other businesses, we used HubSpot to focus on three key aspects of their digital marketing.

Ad Campaigns

Existing ad campaigns, including those that were run with landing pages were integrated into HubSpot to facilitate subsequent ad creation and monitoring.

Content Marketing

HubSpot topic cluster planning tools were instrumental in content creation and promotion via EDMs and social media, whose performance was likewise tracked using HubSpot dashboards.

Customer Relationship Management

Client’s contacts were cleaned up and segmented for conversation assessment and streamlining purposes, with chat flows put into place.
Inbound Marketing methods were behind this client’s first page ranking for certain targeted keywords, even as their ranking for other keywords continued to enjoy incremental rises. Their ad campaigns were likewise able to generate leads for them on a regular basis.

Want to know what’s it’s like to work with NEO360?

It wasn’t long before he knew he needed a hand with his digital marketing; meantime, she’s already started asking around for someone who could help.
Here’s what some of our clients had to say about working with us.

Data Source: Hubspot

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