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Our story

We specialise in strategic and results-driven public relations.

PR professionals with the combined experience of 17 years, we deliver multi-channel public relations and marketing solutions that target and engage consumers, namely in the consumer, F&B, health and lifestyle space.

Our team is made up of savvy PR consultants who are specialists in media and communication counsel, media relations, editorial placement, event staging, talent procurement, social media marketing, strategic brand consulting, stakeholder liaison, issues management and marketing solutions.

We are closely connected to local and regional media, and pride ourselves on exceptionally strong and long-term relationships with contact-creators, both traditional and digital.

We work hard to ensure our clients stand out for all the right reasons in the crowded market today.

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What We Do

Working across numerous fields and industries, we have one goal – to get our clients visibility through compelling storytelling. We create and nurture PR campaigns that are deliberately shareable and generate ideas that get people talking, whether on social media, at social gatherings or in a boardroom.

We provide full-service Public Relations and Events services. Here is a snapshot of what we deliver.

Public Relations


Communications strategy


Corporate Social Responsibility strategy


Media relations


Editorial development and placement


Product placement


Media kit development


Social Media strategy



Events & Experiential


End to End event management


Brand Activations


Creative stunts and installations


Guest list management


Media Accreditation



Consultation and negotiation


Stakeholder liaison


VIP and talent management

Digital Solutions


Strategic Influencer/Blogger engagement


Social Media content strategies


Digital auditing and strategy

Talent Negotiation & Procurement


Talent engagement


Contracts and talent negotiations


On-ground talent management


Product placement


Product range merchandising and management


Image libraries and requests

Media and Blogger Relations

Media and bloggers are incredibly powerful in shaping public opinion and driving awareness of brands. We create content that these influencers want to use and write about. We use insight to optimize strategy and achieve the highest reach within the target audience.

We work with our clients to develop their relationships with the media. We continually invest in developing our contacts, understanding particular media outlets and individual journalists.  We spot opportunities and respond imaginatively and efficiently – be it through a press release, an embedded video to support a story, and/or an expert comment or analysis on a particular subject.

We track issues, monitor for trends and rapidly spot relevant opportunities to pitch to targeted media. This proactive approach means our clients benefit and our own reputation builds with the media – they know they will get quality and targeted stories from us.

Media Training

We work with ALL our clients on invaluable media training to optimize their engagement skills and public profile.


Branding & Messaging

Regardless of the industry you are in, brand and messaging have never been more important. In a crowded, noisy world where attention spans are short and we all find what we need to know through web searches, all businesses need a clear identity.

While visual image is important, equally critical are the core messages of your business: the big ideas you want your target audience to associate with you.

We know that brand and messaging are the foundations of your communications. We understand the need for originality, boldness and consistency.

We have worked with many clients through the whole branding process, developing visual identity, messaging and values, and creating the essential platform for communications campaigns that produce the best results.

PR-led advertising

We believe advertising can work hard if it creates content that gets people talking; that’s what we do. We work with reputable industry partners and an in-house digital team to run fully-integrated PR and advertising campaigns. We also create interactive advertising stunts/street activation/guerilla marketing initiatives that get people talking and sharing.


Issues Management

From planning corporate announcements, to managing issues as they evolve in media and through social channels, our senior team will work with you to navigate these issues to resolve them in the way that is right for your business.

We believe that planning for issues is as important as managing the issue itself. Scenario planning, assessing risks, agreeing responses, contact points and communication channels to activate; when a scenario happens, is all part of our strategic issues management approach … so we plan ahead, not wait for an incident to strike.

Issues and crisis management is intrinsically linked to reputation management and building and maintaining trust with stakeholders, i.e. media, customers, investors etc. In addition to planning for such occurrences and managing the communications that arise from situations for clients, we also constantly monitor and highlight any potential issues that we believe may impact a client or their industry.

With the explosion of social media, there is now very often a crucial requirement to be able to deal with issues in real time. Our advice and expertise enables our clients to communicate quickly and effectively with stakeholders.

Content Creation – Written

It’s tough to grab and hold people’s attention when they are bombarded with information the whole time. Sometimes, a clever one-liner will do it. On other occasions, good copy needs a funny or arresting metaphor. And when it comes to explaining something really complex, the simple approach using everyday language is often the best one.

We produce marketable, shareable content for the digital age. However, it is not just about being creative; our specialist writers really understand the sectors we work in. That means they can take a brief quickly and produce copy with minimal involvement from you.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Ensuring that companies have strong community programs does wonders for public perception. We are able to plan and deliver programmes that benefit our communities and your business. From associating brands with partners, to fully developing programmes that clients can own, we are able to make sure that your business is giving back and engaging your audience.

Events and Experiential Marketing

From media events that connect our clients with members of the media to reaching out to their customers through unique and memorable events, our experience and capabilities get our clients noticed … and importantly … remembered. 

We are re-inventing live events by putting social share-ability at the centre. So whatever live event or launch we create for the brands we work on, we always look for a way to make sure that we can reach thousands more through shareable content. Not only do we let your customers experience the brand first-hand, but many more will experience the content via their devices.

B2B Event Marketing

We work with event and conference companies as we know precisely how to use communications and the media to sell to their clients and drive up visitor numbers – at the same time providing speaking opportunities for our clients positioning them as industry leaders and in thought leadership limelight.

For these companies, we have become an essential part of their sales and marketing team. They know that when they partner us they are going to get the right commercial results time and again.

We also design, manage and market events on behalf of clients. We run everything from multi-national roadshows to one-off seminars.

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