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People don’t search for what they need online the way they used to. Nor do search engines serve up results the way they did 10, five or even three or less years ago. In fact, search engines aren’t even the only place people look for things, anymore, as they turn to social media and the likes of YouTube as search alternatives.

Given the way that your potential customers are looking for solutions, is there any point in making sure that your business shows up on the first of any Search Engine Results Pages or SERPs?

The answer is a resounding YES. Allow us to tell you two why’s:

Why you need, more than ever, to optimise your business for search

Why using HubSpot is one of the best ways to go about it

SEO begins where social media ends.

When people buy things, there’s no isolating all the individual steps they take that lead up to their actual purchase. They browse around looking for options, try some of those options out, and eventually buy one or more of them. None of those actions happen independently of each other. All of those actions are stages in a process marketing experts call the buyer’s journey.

And because what people need to help them make that purchase differs according to the buyer’s journey stage they happen to be in, relying on a single form of digital marketing is no longer enough.

This means that a business that markets itself using a website, alone, or social media and nothing else, is handicapped in its ability to reach and convince more customers to choose its products and services over the competition.

Illustration: NEO360 Digital Marketing Approach

Social media and other search engine alternatives can do a great job in helping people become aware of solutions that they’re looking for. Not only can they see ads in their feeds and elsewhere on the platform, but more importantly, they’ll have access to the word-of-mouth of their groups or contacts, and even ask contacts for their opinions or reviews.

But social media and so on can only do so much to make a case for a solution offered by a business, even on the social media pages or profiles of that business itself. If people are encouraged to learn more about what you offer, chances are they’re going to look for you on a search engine to help them make a purchase decision — and that’s where SEO steps in.

These realities of the buyer’s journey is precisely why more and more businesses have come to adopt an omni-channel approach to digital marketing. At NEO360, we call this strategic use of multiple channels our 360 Approach, which is nothing more than matching the right digital marketing solution to the appropriate buyer’s journey stage for optimal results.

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49% of users say they use Google to discover or find a new item or product.

~ Think with Google, 2019

Want to make it to page 1 of Google? Make it happen with help from HubSpot

Another harsh reality of the online marketplace is that people are most likely to go with the very first result that pops out after they type in what they’re looking for and hit “Go”. If they like what they see among the results on the first SERP, the odds of them checking out the results on other pages are likely to be pretty slim.

That makes coming in on the first page of any online search absolutely essential. Heads up: your competitors know this, too.

And just as the way people search for solutions continues to evolve, the things that affect where you come out in an online search change continually, as well. What may have guaranteed your No. 1 position on Search Engine Results Pages or SERPs years ago, may prove totally ineffective, now.

That makes keeping up to date with the latest in SEO also absolutely essential. And that’s also where HubSpot can help.

NEO360 is HubSpot Partner

HubSpot is a leading provider of inbound marketing, sales, and service software. Because of its focus on the importance of aligning with the buyer’s journey, the HubSpot platform makes it easier for people to find businesses online.

As a HubSpot Partner Agency, we use HubSpot’s Inbound Methodology to put you in the right place at the right stage of people’s buyer’s journeys, with the right information to guide them to choose you (and not your competitors). SEO is one aspect of digital marketing where this methodology shines the brightest.

With content created within HubSpot, you can be confident that your content doesn’t just match the stage of the buyer’s journey a searcher happens to be in, but his search intent, as well. By “search intent”, we mean the objective a searcher has when he looks for something online.

If someone types in “knee pain” for instance, that person is likely to be looking for information about what’s causing it or what he can do about it. But if someone types in “knee pain treatment in Singapore”, then you know he means business, and is more serious about looking for where he can go for help.

But no matter which buyer’s journey stage you’re addressing, using the HubSpot methodology organises your content to make it even easier for both your potential customers and search engines to find it. This means you can be sure that all of your content, targeted to all buyer’s journey stages in all forms is in the easiest possible place for your customer to find.

That’s how you know your business has a decided advantage over your competitors in terms of SEO.

Lastly, our partnership with HubSpot also gives you access to HubSpot’s global resources, which are all designed to support the marketing efforts of businesses like yours. That means that even if you should no longer require our services, there are other HubSpot Partner Agencies all over the world that would be able to help you pick up where you left off.

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So what actually goes into performing SEO? Quite a lot, actually.

Making your business rise above the millions upon millions of others online is no mean feat, nor is it the undertaking of one or two actions, in one or two days. Again, just as there are so very many competitors that need to be outpaced, there are so very many things that need to be done to optimise your business for search.
These things include (but are by no means limited to) finding out

How authoritative your business is online

How fast your business’ website loads

How easily people can find you on mobile as well as on a laptop or desktop computer


How well your business is doing on search engines so far


Whether the search engines themselves know which parts of your website need to be checked out


Whether it’s easy for search engines to identify the parts for checking

Whether there are any parts of your website that aren’t working


Whether your website is secure

Whether your social media activities are helping you to rank

Whether you can be found on local listings

In finding out the above, what follows below are some of the things to look at.


Search Queries, or the actual words people use when they search for you or your solution

Keyword Ranking, or where you come out on SERPs for those particular words

Search Click Through Rate or CTR, or how many people actually click on anything on your website


Organic Traffic, or how many people actually go to you after they find you online

Bounce Rate, or how many people leave immediately after they find you online

Scroll Depth, or how far down your webpages people actually go

Average Time on Page, or how much time people spend on your webpages

Sales or Leads, or how many people actually bought or signed up for anything

Page Load Time, or how long people have to wait for everything to come out on your site


Backlinks, or how many other people link back to your business elsewhere online

All of these things need to be checked and addressed as needed on a regular basis (as in every day, week, month, quarter, and year).

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Why go NEO360 for SEO

We’ve already told you about how you stand to benefit from our status as a HubSpot Partner Agency, but what you stand to gain by working on your SEO with NEO360 doesn’t stop there by a long shot.

You see, we are (and also have been a long-time) Google Partner Agency, and our SEO team members are Google- as well as SEMrush-certified. We make sure our team continually updates their SEO know-how to keep up with the continuing state of flux in digital marketing as a whole, and in search in particular.

This means that your business is using the latest best practices for SEO, even as you take full advantage of the more than 10 years of experience that we have in helping businesses to hit the heights of Google’s SERPs. It has been and continues to be our privilege to help clients in higher education, healthcare, B2B and lifestyle to optimise their businesses for search.

You’ll likewise be working with specialists who only, and proudly use the latest white hat techniques to rank your business. You’ll always know what’s going on with your SEO because we report to you regularly, and because everything we do for you is completely transparent.

But probably the best reason for working with us in making sure your business is among the easiest to spot when customers come searching, is how you’ll be able to make the most of your SEO.

Whether you engage us exclusively for your SEO, or integrate it into your comprehensive digital marketing strategy using our 360 Approach, it’ll be our emphasis on the triumvirate of Data, Content and Search Intent that gives you a competitive edge.

If the lot that goes into SEO we’ve listed above is any indication, it goes without saying that all the decisions we make to optimise your business for search are data-driven. We set your SEO up to collect, continuously, the data we need so that we’ll know if anything needs reworking, refreshing or reinforcing.

And as you’ve seen in both our 360 Approach and our use of the HubSpot platform, we pay close attention to how content remains relevant to what searchers intend to accomplish during each stage in the buyer’s journey. This attention to detail coupled with attentive care is something we do for all our clients, and something you can count on us to do for you.

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Data Source: Hubspot, 2020

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