Are You Harnessing the Full Potential of Social Media for Your Business?

Generate leads that fuel your sales pipeline through Social Media.

We give you increased results – every time!

Use our 360 marketing funnel expertise to manage your cost-efficient and effective social media campaign. After we set up your social media page and campaign, we help you optimise and test it in order to make it even better.

Accurate Audience Targeting

We help you reach the right people through different social media channels, on both desktop and mobile platforms. You’ll reach wider audiences and create brand awareness.

Improve Your ROI

Get more leads from your social media traffic with our proven campaign optimisation & management strategy. You’ll get higher conversion rates and more business in return.

Increase Your Sales

Together, we build your brand loyalty and increase your sales. With 10 years of experience, we manage your social media campaigns so you can focus on growing your business.

Sprout Facebook Demographic Insights

Social > Interaction

People who are interested, ask. SOCIAL MEDIA platforms are among the likeliest places they will do their asking.

Being where your customers are is a fundamental tenet of marketing, and 2 billion of the world’s 3 billion internet users are active on SOCIAL MEDIA. You will be able to reach them there, with the added benefit of them being able to reach you—and then some.

You need to reach your customers on SOCIAL MEDIA because creating awareness for your brand is not enough—you need to get your customers to trust it.

Finding Your Audience In Social Media

SOCIAL MEDIA’s effectivity lies in the huge amount of time your customers spend on using it.

You can use that time to build your customers’ trust by creating a brand experience.

Social Media Branding Services for Business

There are two ways for you to use SOCIAL MEDIA to market your brand. Giving your customers a brand experience means giving them a chance to get to know you, even before they buy your products or pay for your services.

Organic Social Media Marketing

Organic involves creating interesting and useful content for your customers that will allow them to familiarise themselves with your brand. It means interacting with them, responding to their queries, and listening to what they have to say in comments and reviews.

The organic use of SOCIAL MEDIA also means encouraging potential customers to visit your website. In fact, having active SOCIAL MEDIA accounts matters in rankings on search engine results pages or SERPs.

Paid Social Media Marketing

Paid advertising is another way which gives you a decided edge in marketing your brand on SOCIAL MEDIA. It allows you to target your advertising to ideal customers in terms of demographics and preferences, beyond the targeting capacities of Display.

Such targeted advertising allows you to make sure you spend your marketing budget on pinpoint accuracy, instead of haphazard scattershots.

Radius targeting is an example of the accuracy that paid advertising offers, which can help, say, a restaurant to attract foot traffic within one to two kilometres of its location.

Our Process – Get More From Social Media

NEO360 has spent years working with Facebook, LinkedIn and other SOCIAL MEDIA platforms to help clients create meaningful and effective brand experiences for their customers. We understand the how’s and why’s behind the need of the organic and paid components of SOCIAL MEDIA to work together.


1 Define Your Goal

Step 1 is to define your goal. Examples of goals include getting leads, enquiries or email subscriptions. “Increase vs your current conversion rate” is how we define success.

2 Design & Build

Step 2 is to set up your Social Media campaigns. We design and optimise your landing page, write ad copy, perform a Social Media audit, plan your content marketing strategy and implement your plan.

3 Test & Improve

Step 3 is where the results start to come in. Like anything else, your Social Media campaigns must be audited and maintained regularly to ensure they remain fully optimised.

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